Met and Married in 3 Weeks, Choosing to Become One

I fell in love with my husband after we were married, which marriage took place 3 weeks after we met for the first time. To marry him was a choice I made once, to stay married to him was a choice I had to make over and over again, but one that strengthened my marriage each time it was made and helped me to fall just a little bit more in love with the man I am currently head over heals for – now nearly eleven years later.

How in the world did I meet AND marry a man in three weeks? Faith. A whole lot of faith. I’m not sure I can describe it better than that – my words don’t do the experience justice, but I will try:

I thought my husband was a serious man when I met him. One of my top priorities if I were …

Healing After Divorce

4 Steps Toward Healing After Divorce:

After my divorce, I wanted something different for my children than what I had witnessed in other divorcees around me. I didn’t want them to feel any bitterness or anger between me and their father. I felt that would put a burden on them that they wouldn’t have had we not divorced, and I wanted them to live as whole a life as possible. The choices that I made at that time for my children brought about a rapid healing for me, which was an outcome I hadn’t planned on nor been looking for. I wanted to keep the peace that I had felt in making the decision to divorce, and that had helped me stand by that decision, after the papers had been signed – for the sake of my children. I found my answer in how to do so in how I …

To Divorce or Not to Divorce


When Is Divorce an Option?


To divorce or not to divorce, I have been asked that many times since my own divorce. It’s been 8 years since my divorce, I was married just 4 years to my first husband. Since that time the question I have been asked a number of times is: how did you know it was the right decision to divorce? Often by young broken hearted ladies receiving very conflicting advice on whether divorce was right for them or not. I am LDS, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and when we marry we do so in what’s called the “temple”, where we covenant to be sealed not only for this life but for the eternities. That’s not only a big deal, it’s the very foundation of families – what we’re taught this life is about. Divorce is a big …