How I’ve Begun Losing Postpartum Depression Weight Gain

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My Postpartum Depression Weight Gain. Ugh. What a fun subject. 35 pounds on top of the 15 I had gained from pregnancy. That’s a lie, I started pregnancy with 15. Anyway. Ugh, what a subject when that is not where I want my body to be, for my own self – it’s not where I feel healthiest at, it’s not where I have energy at. 

So, update. It has been 27 days since I first posted about my weight gain that had come from postpartum depression, since that time I have lost ten pounds, to the ounce. Yay! Although the road still seems long, and the weight gain still seems unnecessary (unfair if I’m being accurate in my pity party for one), I’ve started out on a good path that I’m pleased about. I’m pleased it is working, because it is a life path – not a plan someone has sold me. Here are the basics of what I am doing:

  1. I don’t believe in diets. I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m satisfied. I try to stick to “healthier” choices because I quickly lose energy when I don’t, but if I’m out and I’m starving and I’m nearby a $1 menu for 10 chicken nuggets – I’ll do it and not think twice about it (unless I haven’t worked out that day, then as I’m working out and my energy wains, I think twice). I can’t really taste a difference in meats, and to me they are all very bland unless drenched in fattening, sugary, sauces – so I don’t eat a lot of meat. I have found a protein shake that I actually like, that doesn’t have a protein shake taste, and so for some meals I have that with a tablespoon of chia seeds and a scoop of fiber – both of which fill me up longer than the protein shake alone. I love wheat cereals, yes processed, sugar I’m sure, wheat cereals. They keep things running smoothly in the bowels so they’re obviously doing something, and they keep me full. My favorite are grapenuts, wheat chex, Wheaties, and oatmeal squares – I have at least one bowl a day with WHOLE MILK. I’m one of those crazy people who believes that we still need the calcium in milk and that whole, undefiled, milk is better than chemical filled, water downed, other stuff the humans produce. I eat pasta, I eat salad, I eat fruits, I eat it all, I just eat what my body needs and then I stop. I have made a point to stay away from most sweets though I have had the occasional bite or ten of something here and there (cheesecake at a wedding, how could I say no?!) I find I don’t crave sweets when I know I’m free to eat anything I choose, and when I do have them they’re satisfying in very small amounts. 
  • I move every day. The Apple Watch is a great motivator on this front because of it’s three goals, which I have managed to hit most every day the past couple weeks of the month, I didn’t have the energy the first of the month (calories burnt, 30 minutes exercise, standing one minute out of at least 12 hours – really not much). I walk with my kids outside, we live on a mountain so the hills and pushing an extra 60 pounds minimum with the stroller and two babies, is a good way to get my heart rate up. I also love this little machine I found on Amazon – and do it once or twice a day. It’s portable, but I keep it in my living room and can watch the kids as they do their thing, watch a show, or listen to a book – whatever floats my boat, as I burn a few calories and get my movement in for the day. 
  • I drink water. All day. I always have a cup or two out – I have been bad at counting ounces but I’d have to say I’m getting what I need because I don’t leave the house, or the room I’m in, without it. 

That’s how I’ve lost ten pounds these 27 days, that’s how I lost the weight the last time I had a traumatic experience, had put weight on, and had to lose it. At that time I read the book “Intuitive Eating” and it changed my life – my relationship with food at least. Previous to that book I had yo-yo dieted and had ended up with an obsessive way of thinking of food, borderline eating disorder. After having lost the weight I had thought it would never come back on, as my thinking and habits had become so healthy – but then postpartum depression and the medications that accompanied it (if you missed my first post on how I put on the postpartum weight gain, read it here: http://kiddilywits.com/thinking-on-death-while-finding-the-joy-in-life ). 

Everyone who struggles with yo-yo dieting, food obsession, body image issues, or breaths NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK. Just do it

It’s a start on a long path before me, but one I feel good about as my energy increases, my body size decreases, and my appetite is not something I often have to think about. If You too have suffered from unwanted weight gain, and now lack energy, try it with me. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, move, and drink water – you may have a long road too but at least at the end of it is a healthy body, as well as a healthy mind. 

This is the mini-stepper I have been using. I love that I can use it anywhere, jump on for just a minute, or do my full work out. It’s a great little work out that’s helped me this month (and I’m sure next) hit that ten pound loss mark.

This one is very similar but at a much lower price. Try them out Mom’s, they’re a great in home work out.


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